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More than 120 years of success!

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About us:

Voronezh State Ophthalmological Hospital is the biggest ophthalmological clinic in the Voronezh Region.
It provides full spectrum of services starting from basic investigations to more complex and advanced surgical procedures.
We use highly sophisticated equipment of latest generation from world renowned producers.
It is one unique establishment that does most safest and modern procedure of vision restoration Femtolasik.
We have range of specialists who performed thousands of operations in various age groups starting from newborns and ending in over 90 years old patients.
There is no difficulties for foreign language speakers as our specialists can speak and write in English. Health and comfort of our clients is our main value and belief.

Our services:


  • Hospital is equipped with a comprehensive set of vitreoretinal instruments. We perform the latest advanced retinal surgery including sutureless 25 gauge procedures and high speed vitrectomies, and including intraocular gas, liquids and oils. Using inravitreal ingections.
    We can treat:
    • retinal detachments;
    • complex diabetic eye disease;
    • macular degeneration (including macular holes) any surgical techniques that have been proven to be of benefit are performed here.


  • Phacoemulsification is a golden standart of cataract surgery nowadays. Modern cataract surgery is usually quick and can be performed using a local anesthesia only.
    Mordern phacomachines are using in our hospital.
    We also use modern multi intraocular lens implants (trifocal, toric including).


    • Experience since 2003;
    • We made more than 22 000 operations;
    • Correction of any forms of ametropia We have used femtolaser last generation Alcon WaveLihgt;
    • Femto LASIK allows you to control the diameter, thickness, alignment and morphology of the corneal flap, which allows you to keep the corneal tissue!
    • Surgeons of the highest qualification category, winners in the nomination "Best doctor-ophthalmologist of the year".


    • Contact correction of all types of refractive disorders;
    • Contact lenses and care products from leading manufacturers;
    • Correction of complex refractive disorders with scleral rigid gas permeable contact lenses (states after keratotomy, the effects of trauma on the cornea, conditions after transplantation of the cornea).
    • Myopia control with orthokeratology and soft perifocal contact lenses.

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