БУЗ ВО «Воронежская Областная Клиническая Офтальмологическая Больница»


Voronezh Regional Clinical Eye Hospital delivers a wide range of services from simple eye tests to complex eye surgery. Experienced eye specialists in their respective fields carry out all procedures.

Hospital is equipped with a modern diagnostic, surgical, physiotherapeutic facilities.

Voronezh Regional Clinical Eye Hospital aims to be the finest eye hospital in the region by treating every patient with honesty, respect and according to their individual needs.

Operate to the highest standards, meet the expectations, provide a comprehensive range of ophthalmic services for patients – is a mission of our hospital

High qualified surgeons, including a winner of “Best ophthalmologist of the year” prize, are performing surgery in the hospital. English-speaking doctors are working in the different departments of Voronezh Regional Clinical Eye Hospital.


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