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" The Voronezh Free Alexandro-Mariinskaya Eye Hospital of Empress Maria Alexandrovnas Guardianship Over the Blind was established on July 22(August 4), 1898 on doctor I.A. Goncharovs initiative. The clinic which previously had 4 beds attracted a lot of patients with ophthalmologic problems, so in a few months it was enlarged to 10 and later 16 beds.
In 1911 the clinic was transferred to new premises where it has been functioning up to the present time.

In 1918 the Derpth University Medical School hair of Ophthalmology evacuated to Voronezh was accommodated in the hospital. When Soviet power was established in Voronezh the guardianship was closed down and in 1919 the clinic passed to the provincial Department of Health Service. The hospital was constantly visited by the doctors on purpose of practical improvement in.
In 1930 the Regional Eye Hospital that had been named by that time after N.A. Semashko was united with the Voronezh University Ophthalmological Clinic. During the prewar years the number of beds increased to 100, in 1966 to 150 (in connection with additional new building), modern equipment was supplied, the staff was increased. Well arranged work was interrupted by the World War II. The hospital rendered aid to the civilian population and wounded soldiers and officers for whom a special department was started up.
In summer 1942 Voronezh was occupied by Nazi troops and in connection with that the work of the clinic was temporarily stopped.
In 1943, the town having been retaken by the Soviet Army the hospital staff began to return.
In February 1944 the out-patient reception recommenced and in August of the same year the in-patient department reactivated.
In 1955 the hospital was allotted new premises in the neighboring building where the consultative-polyclinic department was organized.
In 1956 the glaucoma surgery began functioning.
In June 1967 the glaucoma department was established and equipped very well for that time with up-to-date apparatuses: electrotonograph, gonioscope, slit lamp, tonometers.
In March 1976 on the basis of the hospital the Circuit Plenary Session of RSFUR MH Problem Ophthalmology Committee took place.
Another additional impulse meant to develop ophthalmology in the region was constructing and bringing into operation the new six-storey hospital building in 1979.
In 1976, microsurgical technique having been introduced for performing operations the quality of ophthalmologico-surgical treatment was raised on a higher level.
Since 1982 the RCH has been an interregional , microsurgical center; at the same year in the hospital was established the laboratory of contact vision correction.
Since 1983 there have been performed more than 15000 microsurgical operations. In 1986 in the RCH structure there appeared a new department the Laser Center organized as an interregional one in the Central- Chernozem Area.
In 1989 the RCH was awarded with a Letter of Commendation of the USSR Public Health Ministry Board.
In 1998 the hospital celebrated its centenary.
The constant progress of the hospital is to the high degree due to the organizational activities of the clinic management.
Their glorious pages to the hospital history added its previous Head Doctors:

Doctor of Medicine A.I. Maslennikov

Honoured Doctor of the RSFUR K.E. Anisimov

Holder of Sign of Honour and Red Banner of Labour orders I.P. Ikorskaya

Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation V.V. Popova

Since May 2003 the hospital has been lead by Candidate of Medical Science, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation S.Y. Scherbakov.

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