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1st therapeutics unit carries out conservative treatment of patients with ophthalmic pathologies.


Head of the unit

Nikonova Tatiana Dmitrievna

doctor of higher qualification category.



 Maslennikova Elina Germanovna, doctor of higher qualification category,
    Candidate of Medical Science.


  Korobkina Tatiana Vyacheslavovna,doctor of 1st qualification category.


  Dedova Julia Nikolaevna.


 Laskarzhevskiy Yuriy Nikolayevich,
     Candidate of Medical Science, assistant of the Chair of Ophthalmology (Voronezh State Medical Academy).

At the unit theу carry out comprehensive treatment of the following eye pathology:

  1. Appendages of eye diseases.
  2. Burns of eyes.
  3. Traumas of the eyes and appendages.
  4. Pathologies of :
    • cornea;
    • sclera;
    • uveal tract;
    • optic nerve;
    • retina;
    • orbital cavity.
  5. High degree myopia.
  6. An examination of persons directed by social insurance and military registration and enlistment offices is made.

The following operations are performed on appendages of eye:

     а) ablation of chalazions, xantelasmas etc.;

     б) therapeutic amnion coating in cornea diseases.

The following diagnostic techniques are used:

  • direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy;
  • skiascopy;
  • biomicroscopy;
  • perimetry;
  • exoophthalmometry;
  • ultrasonography;
  • ultrasonometry;
  • diaphanoscopy;
  • tonometry;
  • gonioscopy;
  • chromatic sensitivity test.

Eye grounds examination


Chromatic sensitivity testing

The following manipulations are performed :

  • para-bulbar and retrobulbar introduction of medications under the conjunctiva;
  • drip-feed and jet-stream intravenous instillation;
  • intramuscular and subcutaneous injections;
  • lachrymal ducts irrigation
  • para-vasal blockade;
  • eye drops instillation, ointments putting;
  • local iodine cauterization of cornea;
  • palpebral conjunctiva scraping.

Paid services available :

  1. In-patient treatment of profile patients having no insurance policies.
  2. Consultative reception of out-patients.
  3. All above-listed diagnostic techniques and manipulations.
  4. Ambulatory surgical treatment of appendages of eye; ablation of chalazions, xantelasmas etc.
  5. Allocation of beds for the gravely sick patients’ relatives (by arrangement) or a ward (if there are any available). The relatives must have results of the chest fluorography on them.

  Telephone in Voronezh      (4732)52-53-51   
  Local tel.: nurse post      10-14   

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